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Carry out fire drills, enhance safety awareness


  In order to strengthen the staff's awareness of fire safety and master the contingency and escape skills of the sudden fire, the company invited the professional and technical personnel of the fire safety organization to carry out the emergency evacuation and fire fighting activities with the company on the afternoon of June 21, 2017.

The exercise first explained by the Tan teacher fire safety basic knowledge, and then according to the company developed a fire emergency evacuation exercise program, carried out emergency evacuation fire drill。 Drill simulation room somewhere fire alarm police officers issued an alarm signal, the workshop attendants heard the alarm signal, within the specified time in accordance with the evacuation route of the workshop safe and orderly evacuation to the emergency collection location。

  Finally Tan teacher for everyone to explain in detail the correct use of fire extinguishers and operating skills, by the staff turns the use of fire extinguishers for combat fire drill.  

 Through this exercise, enhance the safety awareness of employees, popularize the fire knowledge, improve the staff of the emergency rescue capabilities, laid a solid foundation for the safety of production.

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