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Notice on the issuance of union members' birthday cake card

Date:2017年8月10日 10:09
Hello everyone:
Company trade unions for the masses of workers to do practical things, do good things, and benefit the broad masses of workers and the spirit of the masses. Thanks to the strong support of the company and the leadership of the company, the trade union received some of the activities of the funds, now decided to express the condolences and wishes for the birthday of each member workers to enhance the pride and sense of belonging. The
In view of the greater workload for each member of the birthday, the company unions have no full-time staff, the union decided to give each union member a birthday cake card. After the trade union comrades of the early research, from the Zhangdian City, selected three cake shop, as an alternative birthday cake card purchase units, namely: ruby cake shop, Zhang shop Baihe cake shop, blue Mu cake Square. Members vote, the final decision for a supply unit.
The scope of this issue: January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017, during the birthday of each member of the trade union members, according to the employee birthday month.
We hereby notify you!



所属类别: Cultural activities

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